Our curriculum embraces both prescribed and optional learning opportunities . These pages give an overview of our curriculum and the subjects offered.

Curriculum Policy

We are committed to “encouraging the growth of intellectual curiosity, creativity and independent learning whilst also preparing each pupil for the best possible examination results, through a broadly based, coherent and balanced curriculum”.

Subjects and Options

In the early years the emphasis is on acquiring skills in a wide variety of subject areas.  At GCSE and in the Sixth Form the range of subjects available is designed to keep as many options open as possible in order to give each pupil an opportunity to study an appropriately wide variety of subjects in Higher Education.

We are committed to the non-timetabled curriculum, the objectives of which supplement and extend those of the timetabled curriculum. In each year a comprehensive Personal Development programme of Citizenship, life skills and other opportunities is provided including visiting speakers, industry conferences, residential courses, Field Days, Business Awareness Days, Team Building, Outward Bound, and other activities. Our programme of Careers guidance is tailored to student needs at each Key Stage.

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