Through the Trinity Diploma, our Sixth Form students go beyond the curriculum to engage critically with the world around them. We encourage self-motivation and independent thinking, enabling students to take responsibility for their wider development.

Independent Study

Our students are academically ambitious and curious. All have the opportunity to undertake some further independent study in their area of interest. Teaching and support is timetabled within the Diploma programme and students choose to take either an EPQ or the Trinity Academic Project. The projects culminate in a presentational event when students are able to introduce and explain their work.

Enrichment and Electives

Critical thinking, research and study skills are key to A level success and beyond. We offer a super curriculum which includes enrichment courses and elective options through which students can extend their subject interests further.


Our Personal Development Programme underpins school life. The emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health of our students is of primary importance and we aim to build resilience and offer methods to alleviate stress as well as to prepare all for the world beyond. There is a strong network of pastoral support on offer made up of the tutors, Heads of Year, Head of Sixth Form, nurses with mental health training, counsellor and the Deputy Head of Pastoral.

Leadership and Community

We have a long history of developing partnerships with the community. All our students volunteer to work with local charities and organisations, thereby learning important life skills and the value of service. Current opportunities include working at an ecology centre and gardening for older people. Students also plan art, sports, music and IT sessions for primary school children and assist with activities in residential homes. We aim to foster confident individuals, prepared for the world, with leadership and teamwork skills as well as a strong sense of citizenship and social enterprise.

Trinity Talks

Throughout the academic year a series of keynote speaker events are held for the wider school community. The guest speakers are chosen with the aim of stimulating debate and broadening horizons.