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Trinity Leavers

Most of our students go on to the world’s top universities, colleges and conservatoires, both in the UK and abroad; or they go on to work at some of the world’s most prestigious organisations, with degree apprenticeships becoming more popular.

Regardless of where they go next, we are proud that our students leave Trinity grounded, articulate and confident individuals with the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to their community.

90% of leavers gained a place at their 1st choice institution

Trinity Leavers 2020

Leavers' destinations in 2020 by institution / subject area

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Top tier universities

Leavers’ destinations in the last 3 years

Each year, our leavers receive an impressive number of university offers.  Most attend Russell Group universities (or similar, top tier institutions) and usually about 10% of the year group gain an offer from Oxbridge.

We continue to support those who opt to take a gap year and apply in year 14.  Our vibrant Careers Department and knowledgeable Sixth Form team are on hand to offer application advice and personal statement support.


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