When your son joins us at 13+ he will be welcomed into an academically rigorous, dynamic and exciting community.

Alongside fun and challenging lessons that will ensure he is well prepared for the next step into GCSEs, he can take advantage of the wealth of co-curricular activities available at that age group, including Sub Aqua, Duke of Edinburgh, and CCF.

He’ll be well supported in his transition to Trinity, with Form mentors on hand to help with any questions he may have.

Feel free to browse digital copies of our Prospectus and Admissions Handbook below.

You can also request a hard copy to be posted to you by completing the form below.

  • Proposed applicant details

Closing date for 13+ PRE TEST applicationsMonday 19 October 2020
Closing date for applicationsMonday 16 November 2020
Bursary Registration of Interest DeadlineFriday 27 November 2020
13+ entrance examMonday 4 January 2021
13+ PRE-TEST examSaturday 5 and 12 December 2020
Academic interview15-29 January 2021
Music scholarship assessmentFrom Monday 18 January 2021
Sport scholarship assessmentThursday 26 January 2021 - PM
Art scholarship assessmentWednesday 20 January 2021 - AM
DT scholarship assessmentThursday 21 January 2021 - AM
Drama scholarship assessmentThursday 21 January 2021 - PM
Offers postedThursday 11 February 2021
Acceptance deadline13+ - 1 March 2021
13+ PRE TEST - 5 March 2021

Candidates must be over the age of 13 but be under 14 on 1st September of year of entry.

They will sit the following papers:

  • English comprehension and essay – 1 hour
  • Mathematics – 1 hour
  • Verbal reasoning – 1 hour

If your son is successful in our entrance examinations, he will be invited to attend an interview with a member of our teaching staff. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know your son better and will take place shortly after the entrance examination. You will be notified by our admissions team when a date has been set.

The conversation focuses on your son’s strengths at school, his interests, and any weaknesses which might have emerged in their examination papers. Candidates are asked to bring a small sample of their school work, or an object of interest, to act as a starting point for discussion. This could be written work, art, or something made at school or home.

Download sample Maths questions for 13+

Download sample English questions for 13+

Applications for entry in 2021 are now closed.

All pupils sitting our entrance exam are considered for an academic scholarship.

At 13+, you can also apply for a maximum of two scholarships in Sport, Drama, Music, Art and Design & Technology. You should indicate which scholarships you want to apply for, and complete the relevant forms, when you make your application. Scholarship forms will be completed online during the application process which opens in September 2020.

Find out more about our scholarships.


Please register with us by completing our 13+ pre-test application form.

Apply for 2023

ISEB pre-test and entrance examination

13+ Pre-test for Entry into Year 9 in 2023.

An important update regarding changes to our Entrance Tests:

In the context of Covid-19, we are making some changes to our admissions procedures this year which we hope will ensure that our assessment processes remain as fair as possible, but also make it easier to cope should there be further lockdowns or significant logistical issues affecting exams and interviews.

We will be bringing forward the 13+ Pre-test from early January to this term. Furthermore, we will be using the ISEB Pre-Test this year instead of our normal, written papers.


FAQs and Resources

Interviews and offers

Following a successful exam performance, your son will be invited for an interview which will take place in late January or early February. An offer would then be made for entry in September 2023, on the condition that he continues to make good academic progress and has a satisfactory pastoral report. We will ask for school reports from the end of Year 7 as supporting evidence. In the event of an exceptional performance in the entrance tests, we may offer a small number of unconditional places.


Our scholarship assessments will be carried out in January 2023 with the rest of the cohort but, in the event of an exceptional exam performance, we may award a small number of academic scholarships with unconditional offers. For scholarship assessments – Academic, Sport, Music, Drama, Art or D.T., we ask that you apply in the year prior to entry; we should receive applications for these scholarships by the end of November 2022.


Entry at 13+ is competitive, but we are able to offer generous Whitgift Foundation bursaries and no family should be deterred from applying for financial reasons. Bursaries may be applied for by the end of November 2022; full details of this are found on the Whitgift Foundation’s website.

We will continue to assess boys at 13+, so that any boys who are unsuccessful with the pre-test will be able to apply in the autumn of Year 8.