The School fee for 2019-20 is £18,233. Fees may be paid by monthly Direct Debit. There are very few costs which are not covered by fees. These include lunches, uniform, sports’ and PE kit, external examination entry fees and individual music and LAMDA tuition. Whilst the majority of curricular trips and Field Days are covered by fees, some non-academic trips will need to be paid for. We do all that we can though, to make as many of our trips as possible accessible to all of our students.

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Over half of our parents do not pay the full fee. There are two types of fee reduction available:

  • Scholarships
  • Bursaries from the Whitgift Foundation and Trinity Bursary Fund


Scholarships are worth a percentage of the school fees (up to a maximum of 50%) and are awarded irrespective of parental income. The scholarship will remain throughout your child’s school career, provided he or she maintains the expected standards.

Whilst a separate application form is not required to be considered for Academic Scholarships, you are required to submit an application form for any other subject scholarship and they will be subject to a separate assessment.

Those applying for a bursary can also apply for a scholarship.

10+, 11+ and 13+

For entry at 10+, 11+ and 13+, all students are considered for an Academic Scholarship. Additionally, students may apply for Scholarships in:  Music, Sport, Drama, Art and Design Technology.

Sixth Form

For entry to our Sixth Form, all students who sit the entrance exams are assessed for an Academic Scholarship.  In addition to the Academic Scholarship, students can apply for an Art, Music, Drama or Sport scholarship.

Find out more about our scholarship assessments for each subject.

Whitgift Foundation Bursaries

The Whitgift Foundation provides the vast majority of our bursary support, amounting to over 10% of our total fee income each year.  We have more pupils applying than this fund than we can support however, so we also have our own bursary fund.

Bursaries are awarded on an assessment of the financial circumstances of parents, whose family income is less that £80,000 a year.  Bursary assessment forms should be completed before the entrance examination is taken.  Pupils that apply for a bursary take the same entrance exams as all other candidates.  On the basis of the exams we offer places, and we then can offer bursaries to some, but not all, of our bursary applicants.

We don’t have funds to support all applicants, and awards are made to as many as we can fund each year.  For 10+, 11+ and 13+ awards are based on exam performance; for Sixth Form awards are based on both exam performance and the overall application.  A pupil who pays reduced fees because of a bursary may also be awarded a scholarship.

For 10+, 11+ and 13+, bursary applicants may be awarded an honorary scholarship, which can be implemented if future family income were to increase.

The Clerk to the Whitgift Foundation calculates the bursary award.

Find out more on the Whitgift Foundation’s website.


Further details can be found on the Whitgift Foundation website.