We are proud to work with other schools within our local community.

Our link with Benson Primary Academy has enabled our students to plan and run computing, sport and art sessions for the children to enjoy and we have also assisted in the classroom at Oasis Academy and Cumnor Girls School as well as assisting with sport at Cumnor Boys and carrying out one-to-one activities with children at Rutherford School, who have profound learning difficulties and complex medical conditions.

We are also delighted to welcome the children from Castle Hill ELP Unit for children with autism, who have enjoyed varied musical sessions.


The Rowdown Foundation

The Rowdown Foundation’s Tuition Programme was established to help the most academically able pupils at the school prepare for 11+ entrance exams for private, grammar or semi-selective state schools in order to maximise parental choice and access the best possible secondary school education.

As part of this programme we provide 2 hours of lessons (Maths and English) on a Saturday morning to 15 pupils from New Addington schools, including Fairchildes, Castle Hill, Applegarth, and Rowdown.

We are delighted to be working with the Rowdown Foundation, as they are connecting us to children whose potential we can help realise. There are many able boys and girls in our area who will thrive at an academically selective school, and we want to engender the belief in parents of any means that a place at Trinity can be for them. We firmly believe that establishing these partnerships locally and widening access will make our school a better school for all our pupils.