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Giving back

Trinity has long-standing relationships with a number of organisations that support older people. We host a party every December, opening our doors to people from care homes and community groups; ensuring those who are isolated know they are not forgotten.

Meanwhile, the Trinity Primary School Maths Morning has been running for around 20 years. The aim is to provide activities for children with a particular aptitude for mathematics. Similarly, we run programmes to help school children in the locality to access STEM-focused provision.

Overall, we are aiming to make the facilities and expertise at Trinity more accessible to state primary schools within the borough as well as supporting the delivery of PE, for instance through the Croydon Primary Schools’ Tag Rugby Tournament, which we host every year.



Trinity Malawi Project

Our Malawi Project supports charity Hope4Malawi through fundraising and volunteering for our partnership school in Chipwepwete, which a team of our staff and students visit each year to teach, to get involved with community work.

In January 2015 we made a commitment to provide free school lunches to each child at Chipwepwete. Its impact is life changing and it costs just £15 per child for the whole year.

We have also built three new classrooms and resourced a kitchen and a library. Most recently, we helped to build a bridge across the local river to enable children and the community to travel safely.

Hope4Malawi was founded by Trinity parents Sara and Mark Goodman. The charity helps schools and orphanages in Malawi provide a better life for the children in their care.


Trinity Triathlon

Named British Triathlon Children’s Event of the Year (2016) and London Region Children’s Event of the Year on three occasions, the event is open to boys and girls aged 6 to 19. From elite athletes, many in the GB squad, to first-time triathletes our Trinity Triathlon is enjoyed by all. With excellent pre-race information and marshalling available on race day, competitors can enjoy a fantastic day!

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The Rowdown Foundation

We are delighted to be working with the Rowdown Foundation, which is connecting us to children whose potential we can help realise.

Rowdown is situated in New Addington, an area of South London with high levels of social deprivation. There are many able boys and girls in our area who will thrive at an academically selective school, and we want to engender the belief in parents of any means that a place at Trinity can be for them. Widening access will make our school a better school for all. 

The Rowdown Foundation’s Tuition Programme was established to help the most academically able pupils at the school prepare for 11+ entrance exams for private, grammar or semi-selective state schools in order to maximise parental choice. We provide two hours of lessons in Maths and English on a Saturday morning to pupils from New Addington schools, including Fairchildes, Castle Hill, Applegarth, and Rowdown.

Ultimately, Trinity is a school for children from every walk of life and this economic and social diversity has a profound effect on the people our students become.

1500 children at local primary schools take part in Trinity sports

Sports Programme

The sports team provides specialist staff who deliver sessions within local primary schools and we also bring groups to Trinity in order for them to access our facilities, whilst hosting tournaments across a wide range of sports – some of which enable disabled children and children with SEND to have sporting opportunities. We also design and host free CPD courses across a range of sports which provide technical and tactical learning as well as ideas for games, practices, skills and warm ups/cool downs.

Trinity provides a robust Leadership programme enabling students to learn how to coach and can gain qualifications in sports officiating. These Young Leaders regularly assist in the delivery of community sport sessions, coaching sessions at borough events and they officiate at numerous sports events such as London Youth Games qualifying events, IAPS events and London tournaments for rugby, hockey, cricket and football.


We are so happy to see our son coming home excited and positive about his day at school


Maths Morning

Local primary school children in years 5 and 6 are invited to join us for a fun morning of Maths!

Boys and girls (years 5 & 6 only) will be introduced to an unusual and exciting variety of topics throughout the morning.

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