Congratulations to our hard-working Sixth Form students who have been successful in securing offers to study at Oxford and Cambridge, particularly in such a highly competitive year.

Barnaby Corry, Joel Cuttle, Oliver Dowsett, Mahdeia Hidary, George Ogden, Kiran Patel, Varun Ravikumar and Joshua Todd will all be going to Cambridge – to study a range of subjects ranging from Maths, Medicine, Natural Sciences to Computer Sciences, History and Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (some pictured here).

Barnaby says he’s most excited to visit and get to know his college, while Joel says that the Natural Sciences course that he’s opted for ‘offers a really genuine introduction to the way in which modern science is actually done and the interplay between the different fields which make it up’.

Kiran says that he’s looking forward to the freedom of living by himself, and adds: “My college, Churchill, is very specialised for my subject and close to where all my labs would be. It also has nice leisure and sport facilities on site, which is a big bonus.”

“I am absolutely thrilled to have received an offer. In particular I am looking forward to the number theory and combinatorics courses. I must also congratulate everybody else; let us all work hard to achieve the required grades,” adds Varun.

Meanwhile Joshua Albuquerque, Emily Howes, Ariana Mehta and Aman de Silva are heading to Oxford and will study Maths, Biomedical Sciences, Economics and Management, and Chemistry.

Well done to each of them on their hard work and on securing these offers.





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