On Tuesday, First Year students enjoyed a jam-packed Activity Day, full of team-building fun.

This year, the boys were also extremely lucky with the weather. They clearly enjoyed the games and socialising with their peers, solving problems together and making new friends.

Mrs Carey, Deputy Head of Lower and Middle Schools, explains that boys learnt about their personality types and how to work best with others, while tutors and assistant tutors worked alongside them in the tasks helping them to self-score and reflect on planning, communication, working together, motivation and completing the task.

“It was a real pleasure to watch the boys grow in their awareness of personality types and to learn how to use them in their team. The best part of the day for many of the them was to cement new friendships, and to solve the puzzles given to them along the way. For teachers, it also gave us a real insight into the dynamics of the form and helped us to get to know them better so we can support their decision making in the future. Overall, a memorable and sunny day for everyone involved,” she said.





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