Former Trinity Maths teacher, Helen Ward, is running a marathon to help raise money for Hope4Malawi, which helps to relieve poverty in Southern Africa, and BOOST, which champions the disabled and disadvantaged, to inspire them to overcome their challenges through the power of sport.

“Knowing Helen it will be in super quick time after training for almost a year for these events, and all with a new baby in tow!” says Mrs Carey, Deputy Head of Lower and Middle Schools.

Those who may like to sponsor her can do so here.

Hope4Malawi runs our partnership link in Malawi – Chipwepwete – a brilliant project where a little funding goes a long way.

“On the 4th of October, I’ll be running the last 42.2kms of a very long journey (over 5000km) that started in October 2018. As I lap Dorney Lake with the wind in my face, a huge motivation will be that the funds raised will be well utilised by two small, but very special charities, close to my heart.

“This pandemic has highlighted the value of education. Just £20 a month for four years covers the cost of funding a student through secondary school in Malawi, continuing their learning from the primary school in Chipwepwete where I help support the feeding program.

“It has also highlighted the value of physical and mental wellbeing – for all. BOOST champions the disabled and disadvantaged to inspire them to overcome their challenges through the power of sport … If you are able to donate, no matter how small, for the people the charities can help it can make a huge difference,” says Helen.

Sara Goodman, Trustee of Hope4Malawi, says Helen’s efforts will help to raise funds to sponsor students at the new secondary school, Hope, that is being built next to Chipwepwete Primary school which Trinity partners with.

“COVID-19 has meant schools have been closed from March until September but we have been able to do some work with standard 8, the top year of primary, who are in fact doing their end of year exams this week, after which they will be selected to secondary school. We hope that many from Chipwepwete primary school will be selected and that they will be able to attend because of the generous support of Helen and others providing sponsorship for their education,” she adds.



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