Junior Year students have been learning about the links between Botany, Horticulture, Science and Art during Art lessons recently.

Students, Charlie Goodbody and Dylan Odeleye report on Poly Board Printmaking and ask their fellow students what they thought of the lesson.

“We learnt that during the Eighteenth & Nineteenth Centuries, Scientists, Botanists and Horticulturalists researched plants from around the world. They recorded as many of these as possible in books. For a long time they were unable to use cameras to photograph plants specimens, so the specimens were drawn, painted and printed instead.

We have made observational studies of plant specimens which we then drew hand engraved onto poly board to make monoprints of plants, leaves and flowers that we had drawn from observation. We rolled white printing ink onto the poly board and then printed them onto black paper. The images were really lovely and was one of our favourite pieces of artwork that we have ever made”.

Edward thought, “this is way more interesting than playing on my X box.”  

Jago said, “it was one of my favourite projects so far at Trinity and I’m looking forward to more exciting ones coming up in the year.”  

Dylan commented , “I enjoyed the project and it was very satisfying.”  

Mrs. Fulker said “The whole class worked really hard on their observational drawings and their poly board prints. The eagerly learnt about the relationships between Art and Science. Poly board printing is difficult to achieve when you have to socially distance but JP worked extremely sensibly with energy and enthusiasm to see the task through. The final results are really beautiful.

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