Our Mathematics department recently opened its doors to over 60 Year 5 and 6 pupils from local primary schools for a fun morning of mathematics.

Boys and girls were introduced to an unusual and exciting variety of topics, ranging from investigating platonic shapes and code-breaking to exploring the Mobius strip and uncovering the mathematics involved in origami. The children were very enthusiastic and all enjoyed learning about the hidden mathematics in their everyday lives.

Can you complete some of their puzzles? Try these activities below:

Puzzle 1

Three pentominoes can fit together to fill a three by five rectangle (see below). Can you find another way of filling a rectangle of the same size with 3 pentominoes?

Puzzle 2

Follow these instructions to uncover your birthday.

Start with the number 7. Multiply it by the month of your birth, then subtract 1. Multiply by 13, then add the day of your birth. Add 3, then multiply by 11. Subtract the month of your birth, then subtract the day of your birth. Finally, divide by 10, add 11 and divide by 100.

Amazingly (if all of your sums are correct) you will have calculated your birthday!


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