The transition from primary to secondary school can be a daunting time but, at Trinity, we aim to make the move as smooth as possible.

Whether joining in the Junior Year, First Year or Third Year, from the first day of term you will be made to feel part of Trinity, with a supportive Form Tutor and a team of staff and students around you that can help you achieve your potential.

During your time in the Lower and Middle Schools, you will develop the skills to become an independent learner; you’ll be able to organise your time, take responsibility for your learning and be able to meet life’s challenges head-on. You’ll also make great friendships that will last for life, and have experiences you’ll never forget!

You will be challenged, and supported, in your academic work, where our teaching staff bring learning to life in well-resourced classrooms, laboratories, studios and workshops.

You will have an amazing wealth of opportunities to explore. From sporting activities (including rugby, football, swimming, athletics, cricket and hockey) to Music and Drama, you can combine your existing interests with new adventures.

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