Thursday evening saw the culmination of six months’ hard work for the Lower Sixth Drama class, when they performed their devised exam in front of an audience of friends and teachers in the Mitre Theatre.

Inspired by an extract from the critcally-acclaimed ‘People, Places & Things’, and the methodologies of theatre company, Paper Birds, their piece told the heart-breaking – yet uplifting – story of Jonny Benjamin; a campaigner with schizo-effective disorder who aims to dispel myths in the media about a range of mental health issues.

Students used a multi-media approach, layering their acting with voiceovers, powerful music and video footage to communicate the important themes of their piece. Mr Adams’ beautifully designed set included the motif of a Rubik’s cube on the Mitre floor; an object Jonny Benjamin himself identified when interviewed by our Lower Sixth as being an apt metaphor for the struggles he has faced in his life.










"Our students excelled in the mature way they approached the entire devising process and should be proud of the emotive and forceful performance they delivered."

Miss Robinson, Head of Academic Drama

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