There was palpable buzz of energy at our Reception for Supporters of the Trinity Bursary Fund this week as we thanked alumni, parents and friends of the School for helping us fund more bursaries.

The lively conversation was flowing, with a gentle background of beautiful piano playing by student William Hardy.

Michael McConnell, who left Trinity in 2012, made an impassioned speech about what gaining a place at Trinity, with the help of a bursary, meant to him. Michael was joined at the event by his mother and grandparents and he talked about the value of the diverse community at Trinity and how it prepared him for university and beyond. He described himself as a ‘rough diamond’; initially thinking Trinity would be full of rich kids, but after visiting the school and gaining a place, he has never looked back.

The Trinity Bursary Fund enables us to offer additional bursaries to those funded by the Whitgift Foundation. There are plenty of bright, eager, children in our locality whose lives would be completely transformed by an outstanding education at Trinity. We are committed to reaching out to these young people and, with the help of our alumni, parents and friends of the school, we aim to raise an income stream of £350,000 per annum through regular giving.

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