Sixth Form can be the most enjoyable part of your time at school: you can concentrate on the subjects that interest you most, have more freedom to plan your time, and have many more opportunities for leadership.

During your time in the Sixth Form at Trinity you will take greater ownership of your learning and progress, developing into an independent learner who achieves the very best possible in both your academic and co-curricular pursuits.  You will have the chance to take up new opportunities, developing your intellectual and cultural interests, and broadening your horizons.

As a co-educational Sixth Form you will have the opportunity to make new friends and prepare for life beyond school, either in higher education or the world of work.

As a senior member of the School you will become a role model and mentor for our younger students. You will develop leadership skills in many areas of school life, bringing enthusiasm for co-curricular activities to inspire others.

Of course, we know that your priority will be the subjects you have chosen to study. You may already have a good idea what you want to do when you finish school and have chosen subjects with that in mind, or you have chosen the subjects you find most rewarding.

Either way, we know that you will leave Trinity after two enjoyable, and challenging years, more than prepared for Higher Education and life beyond.

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