All students must wear smart, formal clothing that is not ostentatious in style, pattern or colour, comprising:

  • A tailored suit in a formal style: either a trouser suit or a matching jacket and skirt (skirt lengths should be just above the knee or lower than the knee)
  • A formal shirt or blouse with a collar (light in colour)
  • A tie is compulsory for boys
  • Formal black, dark navy, dark brown polishable shoes (not boots, suede shoes or trainers or stilettos, platforms or sandals)
  • A fine knit, plain, dark, v-neck or round neck sweater or cardigan/waistcoat may be worn under a jacket – hooded tops/tracksuit tops are not permitted
  • A discreet belt, through belt loops, may be worn, if required
  • An overcoat of a dark colour
  • Discreet make-up and jewellery; tattoos must not be visible and there should be no facial piercings
  • Hair must also be in line with the professional environment: smart, neat, off the face and tied back for activities such as Games, Science, Art and DT. Students must be clean shaven.

The overall effect of Sixth Form clothing should be one of smartness, lack of ostentation and appropriateness within a formal context. The School shall be the sole arbiter in respect of all three of these requirements. Students who are unsure about the suitability of particular items of clothing must consult with the Head of Sixth Form before purchasing, or before wearing such items to school.

For further details, please see the Sixth Form Dress Code booklets on Firefly and the
hair cut section in the Calendar for the Sixth Form:

  • Hair should not be ostentatious in style or colour but must be clean, tidy and of one natural colour. Haircuts that appear excessively short in any or all parts, or which have sudden changes (i.e. steps) between long and shorter sections, are not acceptable. Longer hair must be tied back for activities such as Games, and for Science, Art and DT lessons.