Trinity has a well-earned reputation for academic and co-curricular excellence. We are committed to providing a first-class, all-round education to those of high intellectual promise and wider potential, regardless of background. To do this we need your help.

Access is in Trinity’s DNA

With its roots as a Poor School in the nineteenth century, Trinity has always followed Archbishop John Whitgift’s instruction to “teach freely certain children of the Parish of Croydon of the poorer sort”. During the Direct Grant era, more than half its places were funded by the Local Education Authority, and the School made full use of the subsequent Assisted Places scheme. The increase in the number and value of Whitgift Foundation bursaries after the end of both government schemes has enabled Trinity to remain accessible and socially diverse. Trinity receives £1.9 million annually from the Foundation. This means we can provide means-tested bursaries to over 16% of our students without using any school fee income for these purposes.

Trinity Bursary Fund

The financial support from the Whitgift Foundation will allow us to maintain the status quo but no more. We do not have sufficient bursary funds available to offer fee assistance to all the children from low income backgrounds who reach the required standard in our entrance tests.

Only with additional support from within the School community and beyond will we be able to reach more children whose lives would be transformed by a Trinity education.

Help us

Help us ensure the School remains a diverse, inclusive community, which reflects the make-up of Croydon beyond the School gates and provides a much-needed channel for social mobility. Help us offer academically gifted children from disadvantaged backgrounds the chance to benefit from an outstanding education, unlock their full potential and go on to make their mark in the world.

To date, the Trinity Bursary Fund has raised gifts and pledges of £500,000. Currently, six children are receiving bursary support to the value of £100,000, thanks to the Trinity Bursary Fund. With your help, over the next three years we will raise regular giving income of a further £350,000 every year, so that we can offer a further 40 significant bursaries to low income families on a continuous basis.

Read our annual report on giving 2018-19

To find out more about how to change a young person’s life please read on. If you have questions about giving to Trinity please contact David Young, Director of Development, on 020 8662 5162.

Each year our supporters are invited to make a regular gift to the Trinity Bursary Fund. Gifts can be made by groups of supporters or by individuals.

The benefit to Trinity of regular gifts is that it allows us to plan for the future with confidence, which is vital for bursary provision. All donations, no matter how modest, added together can make a real difference to the School and its pupils – whether it is £10 a month or £100 a year. Find out how to make a donation.

A legacy gift is one of the simplest and greatest gifts you can make to Trinity. It creates a permanent testimony to your affection for the School and allows you to provide support in a way in which you may not be able to during your lifetime.

We are hugely indebted to those who have recognised the importance of providing for the long term financial support of Trinity in this way and all those who advise us of their intention to make a legacy gift to the School are recognised as members of the Mitre Society.

If you would like to know more about leaving a legacy, please contact our Director of Development David Young.

A major gift is a donation of £10,000 or higher. Gifts can be made by an individual, companies, foundations or affinity groups and can come in many forms with payments spread out over several years.

Our major gift programme provides you with the opportunity to contribute directly to the Trinity Bursary Fund or an area or project with which you have a particular connection.

If you would like to know more about joining our major gift programme, please contact our Director of Development David Young.