It's been great to listen to various talks on memory, DNA editing and prejudice.

This term, both Talk Shop and MegaSoc are running online, with a huge variety of thought-provoking presentations by students, staff and outside speakers.

Recent talks have included Lower Sixth student, Yash Shetty, asking: ‘Are we inherently prejudiced?’; while Varun Ravikumar’s analysis and discussion around society’s attitudes towards animals explored a moral and philosophical case for veganism.

JBug Ryan Ilmane has been enjoying what’s on offer. He says: “This is my first year at Trinity and, as I’ve always been interested in learning about different subjects, Talk Shop and MegaSoc both really appealed to me. It’s been great to listen to various talks on memory, DNA editing and prejudice.

“My favourite so far was Lucy’s talk: ‘CRISPR – Genetic genius or a recipe for disaster’.  I didn’t know 99% of it, so it taught me a lot about DNA and how to edit it with Cass 9 enzyme.”

Upper Sixth student Lucy Robinson presented on the genome-editing tool which is currently taking the world of genetic engineering by storm. It is faster, cheaper and more accurate than previous techniques of editing DNA and has a wide range of potential applications.

Well done to all involved!


“Talk Shop and MegaSoc definitely help feed my curiosity and allow me to venture into topics I've never heard of before. I think I've done more research this half term than I did in the whole of last year! I can’t wait to present my project!” 

J Bug, Ryan Ilmane

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