We were delighted to welcome alumni, parents and friends of the school to our Supporters’ reception last week.

The room was buzzing with energetic and lively conversation as we thanked members of the Trinity community for their generous donations to our Trinity Bursary Fund, raising over £67,200 in 2018/19.


Lisa Kladitis, (2015 leaver and former Head Girl), attended Trinity on a bursary. Lisa gave a moving speech about her journey from her local state school to Trinity, and then on to Oxford, where she recently graduated with a First in History. In the presence of her Mum, Lisa spoke warmly about her time at Trinity. She talked about the profound and positive impact on her approach to all aspects of her life and the inclusive and enriching qualities of the School. Lisa concluded by thanking all the donors who had made it possible for her to attend Trinity, as well as the staff and students for her life changing opportunity.

We are truly grateful for your continued support of our Trinity Bursary Fund. With your money, we have funded an additional seven bursaries this academic year. Just like Lisa, there are plenty of bright, eager, children in our locality whose lives would be completely transformed by an outstanding education at Trinity, and we want to connect with these young people with the support of our alumni, parents and friends of the school. Find out more about how to donate.

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