On Wednesday evening, the Trinity Drama Department hosted its first Drama Showcase in the Mitre Theatre. Featuring Drama scholars and certain LAMDA students with upcoming exams from First Year through to Upper Sixth, this was a wonderful opportunity to come together and celebrate theatre in front of an audience of friends and family.

Students had chosen their own monologues or duologues to rehearse independently, and we saw a fantastic range of characters and themes, from Detective Humpty Dumpty (Oscar Barritt) and children’s favourite Charlie Brown (Hector Hills) to more emotive pieces about psychosis (Phoebe Edwards) and grief (Daniel McCarthy).

Miss Robinson, Head of Academic Drama, was hugely impressed with the students’ organisation and enthusiasm – especially given this has been such a busy term – and was delighted to have an audience back in the Mitre again.


“It was particularly cheering to be able to include all Drama scholars - even Hugo Cooper who is working from home this week. Hugo submitted a recording of himself performing the monologue he had been working on and this video opened the show!”

Miss Robinson, Head of Academic Drama

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