Trinity has completed a solar photovoltaic installation and, in doing so, is now operating the largest fully monitored system of any school in Europe.

The School, working with Green Power Projects, has installed 876 panels on 8 separate roof areas, giving a maximum power of 243kWp. The school will benefit by producing over 200,000 units of electricity per annum.

The panels will provide one third of the School’s electrical energy requirement each year, and the array will pay for itself in a maximum of eight years. Any excess energy will be sold to the national grid.

Students are able to see how the power delivered changes each day, and over the year, via a permanent display within the School. Green Power Projects, who installed the panels, have donated extra panels for students to test in lessons.

Over the first 20 years of use the school will reduce the amount of CO2 being released in to the atmosphere by nearly 2000 metric tons.

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