Our students recently went on an exchange trip to China and Taiwan, giving them a rare opportunity to visit to four cities across both countries.

The group of Third and Fourth Form students visited Shanghai, Zhujiajiao, Taipei, and Taiyuan. Not only did they see all the famous sites and rare beauty of Chinese architecture, they also spoke Chinese with the local people and experienced all that Chinese culture has to offer. In particular, the students thoroughly enjoyed a first-hand bargaining experience in local markets!

The group enjoyed a four-day homestay in Haishan School, our partner school in Taiwan. We received a very warm welcome with a ceremony where our exchange school presented a speech in English. In addition, students Bernaby Corry, Ming-Ho Chung and Aditya Iyer delivered a spontaneous Chinese speech in the Junior School assembly to 2500 students!

The group really enjoyed taking part in their school courses, club activities and tailor-made Chinese lessons, which included Chinese calligraphy painting, dumpling making and a trip to local gardens and temples.

Needless to say, we ate various traditional cuisines; some were irresistibly delicious whereas some conflicted with our students’ taste buds…!

It was an emotional farewell at the end after so many fantastic memories.

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