During the summer, our intrepid geographers enjoyed a 10-day trip to Borneo to experience coral island snorkelling, wildlife watching and sleeping under the stars in the jungle.

The group also spent time clearing plastic from the beaches and planting trees in protected areas, and saw water buffalo, orangutans and proboscis monkeys!

Student Rafii Lucas said of the trip “It was one of the best experiences of my life so far. From the sight of sun bears climbing trees and playing, to the craziness of young orangutans figuring out swinging does not always work! Borneo was truly a mind blowing experience, staying in the rain forest¬†for 2 days of terror, snorkelling¬†among the barrier reef just off the north west coast, the stunning views, mount Kinabalu and staying in amazing home-stays. There was endless wildlife to be seen and we learnt about the horrible past of the prisoners of war kept in Borneo. I truly recommend this trip to anyone wanting a once in a lifetime experience.”


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