Trinity students took part in the History Bee and Bowl against Eton, Harrow, KCS Wimbledon and Greig schools this week.

During the University Challenge-style quiz, teams were tasked with answering questions on a range of topics. From ancient Rome to the French Revolution, the Cold War to Imperial China, scientific inventions to ancient Mexico, it was an enjoyable and challenging competition!

The results were as follows:

  • Our Junior Varsity Bowl Team A, Ben de Sousa, Yash Shetty, Varun Ravikumar and Patrick Minton, won three out of their five matches and were runners up in the Final.
  • Our Middle School team, Henry Weekes, Matthew Boyde, Lida Zhu and Isaac Teague, won two out of three of their matches and came second in the Final.
  • Our Junior Varsity Team B, Max Sherwood, Joel Cuttle, Aleksander Booth and Rory Tully, faced stiff opposition from Eton and Harrow and were defeated in the playoffs.
  • Finally, in the History Bee, which is the individual competition, Ben de Sousa achieved second place in the final.

Well done to all our students for taking part and representing Trinity!

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