Mr OConnor reports that the foundations of a ‘long and prosperous’ golfing future at Trinity have been provided through the materialisation of our very own Golf Academy – with 28 of our student golfers now playing members at Shirley Park Golf Club, next door.

As a programme, we now offer six separate sessions throughout the week. Three of these are catered towards the ever-expanding Academy, including a short-game session and an on-course session. We also provide three weekly sessions to our less experienced golfers, including the Friday night ‘madness’ at Sandilands.

“This plethora of sessions is certainly paying dividends, as the school now boasts over 80 student-golfers,” Mr OConnor points out, while neighbouring Shirley Park offers a fantastic membership deal to our students, with a golfing obsession currently engulfing a significant proportion of them.

Just last week, Johnny Wilkie, Caleb Thompson, Wilbur Knight, Tommy Cuninghame and Duncan Rout all competed in their first Junior competition at Shirley Park. Their dedication and drive over the past months were rewarded, as all finished with scores to be proud of – particularly Caleb, who finished third and Tommy who finished first!


“The speed with which Golf is developing at Trinity is truly astounding. The programme is not only providing a life-long skill for its golfers, but also cultivating an environment of enjoyment in which friendships are being created across year-groups.”

Mr OConnor

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