Mr Ryan hosted our inaugural Twilight Talk Shop recently – a space where teachers, parents, and outside speakers can share their ideas and their passions in the virtual realm.

Designed to create an atmosphere of academic enquiry and curiosity, speakers included Third Year student, Ansh Shetty, on ‘The secret truth about habits’; Fifth Year, Alfie Ewards, on ‘Satanism and Heavy Metal’; and Sixth Form students Lucy Robinson and Jeanette Szeto on ‘CRISPR Cas-9 genetic engineering’ and ‘A glorious history of composer John Williams’ musical theft’ respectively.

There was also an exciting guest speaker – Eleanor Nairne, curator at the Barbican Art Gallery – who shared a sneak preview into the gallery’s upcoming exhibition on French artist Jean Dubuffet, entitled Brutal Beauty, which is set to open on 17 May and run until 22 August.

Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) is one of the most provocative voices in postwar modern art. Railing against conventional ideas of beauty, he tried to capture the poetry of everyday life in a gritty, more authentic way.

Eleanor has worked on a number of critically acclaimed exhibitions and publications, including Basquiat: Boom for Real (2017) and Imran Qureshi: Where the Shadows are so Deep (2016). She spoke live form the gallery, describing the storytelling aspects of curating and sharing some of the exciting pieces from the upcoming exhibition of the radical artist’s work.

Thank you to Eleanor, Mr Ryan and everyone else involved.


“Trinity Talk Shop offers a space for a variety of speakers to explore topics they are passionate about. Parents and students in attendance were blown away by student presentations and Eleanor, too, was wowed by what our students had to offer. She was full of praise for ‘the extremely passionate, well-researched and brilliantly relevant’ presentations’.”

Mr Ryan, Head of Academic Projects

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