The Trinity Malawi Project and our partnership with Chipwepwete Primary school continues to be close to our hearts.

This summer, every member of the Junior Year at Trinity completed a triathlon which saw them raise further funds to provide bikes and a taxi service to help Malawian teachers to get to school on time, given that many spend hours each day travelling, in addition to funding a new toilet block.

Funding for a new toilet block was also approved in July and it is due to be completed this week.

Mrs Carey explains: “A changing room for girls enables them to overcome barriers and stay in education through puberty – giving them more chance to access secondary education and increased literacy and employment opportunities for their whole life.”

On top of this, we have recently seen the completion of an amazing project to build a bridge across the local river. This bridge has brought the local community to life, providing vital access, and allowing students to reach school safely.

Sara Goodman, Founder of Hope4Malawi, wrote to the Trinity community in recent weeks to thank us for our continued commitment. “When I first visited the school in 2014 there was not a single classroom with a proper roof,” she said. “Several classes were outside under trees or temporary shelters. Now, five purpose-built classrooms with desks and a fully resourced library enable many of the children to concentrate better.”

Thank you to all who have helped to make all these life-changing developments happen.


"It’s a really significant step to build six toilets for boys and girls, plus the changing room, and at a cost of approximately £1700, it's great to see how a relatively achievable amount makes such a huge difference." 

Mrs Carey

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